All of our services are provided through our deeply knowledgeable team of programmers, scientists, and industry analysts and facilitated through our high-performance computing cluster, so you have a single place to find answers.

ARGOS analysis software is also designed and maintained by GNS staff, so you can have confidence that our tools will be able to fit your problems. The combination of cutting edge, customizable high-performance analysis software and HPC facility allows Argos to address a variety of needs in research, analysis, and design of complex hydro-geomechanical systems in competent and fractured or damaged rock at field-relevant scales.

 Research & Development

We offer analysis of geothermal, mining, wastewater injection and oil & gas sites - for improving numerical methods, designing new operations, refining engineering approaches, and validating third-party software, all documented with peer review.


Analyst services for understanding and integrating multiple data streams from the field into a consistent or highest likelihood view of the reservoir.

 Software Consulting

Services for SaaS hydro-geomechanical analysis on our cluster-backed Argos software platform.

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