Why Work For Us ?

We're Expanding

Join our team of scientist-developers. We are currently looking for highly skilled computational geoscientists who want to join our R&D and software development team.
If you are creative, independent, and want to work on a variety of interesting and scientifically challenging problems in the geosciences and computer science, we would like you to join us!

What will you do?

    Work closely with experts in science and computation to design, implement, and deploy automated solutions for subsurface applications.
    Collaborate with both internal team members and our partners in industry to understand and effectively address real-world problems.
    Be curious and self-starting in addressing different challenges, some of which will likely be out of your comfort zone.
    Leave the ego outside and be willing to engage others and to both give and receive constructive feedback.
    Demonstrate a passion for the full lifecycle of software development, including design, implementation, testing, and deployment.
    Publish, both personally and as part of the team, in academic journals and at conferences.

Will we be a fit?

    If you understand our industry...
    If you feel you are the best and brightest in our field...
    If you have a special skill to offer...

Current Positions

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