About GNS

Our Back-story

We are scientists, programmers, and engineers solving problems in subsurface engineering and response. We are dedicated to finding the best ways to tackle the difficult issues that arise underground, and though not great for conversations at cocktail parties, at least it is great for your business.

GNS was founded in 2015 by Dr. Scott Johnson with the vision of applying rigorous computational approaches, high-performance computing, and advances adopted from the geosciences and related fields to solving operational analysis, design, and optimization problems for subsurface industries (e.g., oil & gas, geothermal, mining, wastewater injection, and defense). We combine skill, creativity, passion, and discipline to our work in finding the right answers for the right reasons. Our team leverages a variety of backgrounds: geomechanics, applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. From our previous experience in industry, we brought an understanding of customer needs. From service for the national laboratories, we brought a depth of expertise in numerical methods and HPC.


At our core, we are a science organization, with a goal of illuminating our understanding of the subsurface. It is our belief that without sound science we cannot make good decisions, whether through operational decisions which affect investors or as a society driving policy.

Social Responsibility

It is our collective responsibility to be stewards of our energy future and our environment. With an issue as omnipresent as energy, it is often difficult to see the tortuous path to achieve both goals simultaneously. It is rare when the opportunity presents itself to satisfy both; however, the widespread availability of inexpensive, stably priced natural gas may offer such a path. It changes the equation by providing both lower cost short- and medium- term electricity generation and the necessary intermittency mitigation to transition to more sustainable wind and solar electricity generation over time. It also provides the time necessary to make the long-term changes to the grid, which would allow us to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels for electricity ... and be economically incentivized to do so. To naturally align economic incentives with environmental stewardship benefits everyone, and we provide one important piece in that future.


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